Visa Vee Carriages
This Vis a Vis, is a French word meaning face to face, it has comfortable seats, plush interior and a retractable top in case of inclement weather. Sitting facing the other passengers is a fun and intimate way to travel to a wedding or any very special occasion. This carriage can be used for proms, anniversaries and birthday parties. Think of the surprise, to be met with such a splendid and extraordinary mod of transportation. There is no better way to impress the ones you love, or to show your love than by giving the gift that memories are made of.

The Black Visa-Vee also has a retractable top that can be let down so everyone can see the beautiful bride better.  Hiring this stately carriage for the Prince or Princess in your life is a remarkable way to express your feelings for them. Take them to the theater, or  just take them for a ride, there can be no better way to say what you  are feeling. With the added ability to serve Champagne in the carriage, think of the delight you can bring to their eyes.   Also, we have the experience to provide many additional and special services to the distinguished guests of Wolfe Dream Carriage, be sure to ask.

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