Horse Drawn Hearse

Our Black Elegant Hearse is the most prestigious of all. All of our Presidents and the Kings and Queens (Princess Di) and Military all use a horse drawn hearse. The high gloss black body and deep maroon window treatments are in keeping with the solemn occasion. The interior has a casket clamp to assure a stable secure ride. Rear door opens providing easy access. The hearse is pulled by a matched team of horses of your choice in full studded harness. The driver has years of experience, and also dressed to suit the occasion, we will enhance the ambiance of quiet somberness. At a time when appearance and image demands elegance, insist on the very best. Wolfe Dream Carriages will provide an added touch to make this difficult occasion one of tender memories and long lasting impressions. It is a way for the family and friends to come together one last time, to honor, in a dignified and elegant manner, the end of a lifetime of service.

The style and the dignity are unsurpassed.

The funeral carriage is of the highest standard.

Words of comfort and thoughts of peace will follow when you
know that the funeral was as meaningful as possible.

A matching Black Visa-Vee is also available for family
members to ride in.

 Wolfe Dream Carriages Funeral Video:

Officer Derek Kotecki

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